All treatments will be provided by your personal physiotherapist at your appointment.

At your initial appointment we will ask you to give a detailed history of your condition and how it is affecting you. We will then perform a physical assessment enabling a clinical diagnosis and discuss a personalised treatment plan with you.   You may want to wear loose clothing or bring a pair of shorts with you for the session.

First consultation appointments cost £60.

Follow up appointments cost £60.

Appointment will last between 35-45 minutes.

– Lower back and neck pain
 – Acute sporting injuries 
– Shoulder pain 
– Work related injuries; repetitive strain and postural related pain 
– Arthritic joint pain 
– Whiplash  
– Muscle imbalance issues  
– Nerve entrapment syndromes
 – Hand and upper limb injuries

Post Surgical Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Shockwave Therapyclick here for more information

Ultrasound therapy
  Strength and conditioning treatments
 Stretching and flexibility treatments

 Proprioceptive re-education

Core Strengthening



Sports specific rehabilitaion / return to sport