”As a retired surgeon with a flare of a chronic back condition, I was fortunate to meet Shona Houston whose experience, expertise and comprehensive assessment has set me on the path to full functional recovery with most importantly pain relief. My suggestion to anyone with troublesome back pain is to make an appointment at this clinic as I did.”

John S

”Just a note to say it was a pleasure to meet you today and thanks very much for your excellent service and advice, it’s already made a great difference and I would happily recommend your services to anyone’

Charlie Mc

”I booked my son into see Andrew as he had a trouble with his shoulder and it was holding him back in training as he is a competitive Olympic Weightlifter. Thomas has now fully recovered thank-you for taking the time to work with him and the exercises to strengthen the weaker areas have worked. Thank-you so much. I would highly recommend you to others. ”

Elizabeth E

”I could not move without back pain and was recommended to see Andrew. A couple of treatments and some tailored exercise and after a week I am pain free and back on my bike. Excellent treatment delivered with skill and humor. Thanks Andrew. ”


”Attended two weeks ago and was diagnosed with a torn hip flexor muscle which had affected my whole left leg. I now feel as if I am getting somewhere after many disappointments elsewhere. Thanks Andrew, you made Christmas much more enjoyable for me”


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